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13 Jan

Healthcare issues & trends to be aware of in 2016

Healthcare issues & trends to be aware of in 2016

With each New Year come new trends. While I find it a must to follow all new fashion trends, it is even more important to follow healthcare trends. These trends not only affect consumers, but also employers and insurers. Like fashion trends, healthcare trends can affect everyone’s day-to-day life.

The Health Research Institute conducted its annual survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers and interviewed healthcare industry leaders in order to identify the top industry issues and trends.

Here are the top five healthcare issues and trends to be aware of for 2016:

1.     Consumers are concerned about the safety of their personal information.
 Data breaches are consistently impacting all industries. The survey revealed 68 percent of people are worried about the security of their data stored in smartphone health apps and 76 percent said they were concerned about the overall security of their medical data.

2.    Consumers and regulators are demanding greater transparency from insurers, providers, and pharmaceutical or life sciences companies.

Transparency not only empowers the consumer to make educated decisions, but supports the industry as a whole in an effort to contain costs, increase quality, and provide a better overall customer experience.

3.    Consumers are ready for non-physician caregivers to do more.
Seventy-five percent of people told The Health Research Institute that they were open to receiving medical attention from people other than traditional physicians including nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

4.    Physicians are embracing DIY health care even faster than the consumer.
It is predicted that globally the number of consumers using telehealth services will increase from less than 350,000 in 2013 to roughly seven million in 2018. Health plans must recognize and embrace the impact technology is having on the industry. Those that adopt new ways of caring for patients via technology and virtual services will ultimately benefit from greater patient satisfaction.

5.    Millennials prioritize work-life balance over health benefits.
Being a millennial myself I understand the importance of this issue.  It is extremely important for employers and insurers to establish new ways of keeping the millennial workforce engaged and feeling rewarded.  This can include providing a flexible work environment, as well as many plan options to cater to different lifestyles.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it is important that everyone in the industry consider the patient first and give consumers what they want - the most cost-effective, high quality health care for themselves and their families.

What healthcare issues and trends are important to you in 2016? Comment below!

Blair Tetenbaum is a Marketing Specialist with Fashion Seal Healthcare. She brings a strong, up-beat passion to the team with a unique perspective as a millennial.

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