Healthcare Systems Can Learn from the Newspaper Industry
22 Oct

It’s pretty hard NOT to read an article on the healthcare industry without seeing the words “dramatic changes” or “sweeping reform” or the equivalent.  But I stumbled across an article that said healthcare systems should study the newspaper industry – a fresh new perspective using a historic view.

Retail Clinic Pharmacist and Patient
17 Oct

A few years ago, we were inundated with news stories about people using an emergency room for what should have been a routine visit to the doctor’s office. These stories always pointed out how expensive it was to go to the emergency room rather than see a doctor, but some people felt they needed to see a doctor right away.  People without insurance weren’t the only offenders. It could be an insured parent with a child running a fever over the weekend who didn’t want to wait until Monday to see the family physician.  

Scrubs - Then & Now
15 Oct

Being an avid watcher of the television shows ER, Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy made me feel like I should be wearing scrubs all the time!!! They were so comfortable looking and certainly hide a lot of body issues you might have. It’s made me wonder, how did scrubs get started?

Branded Uniform Program by Fashion Seal Healthcare
10 Oct

Today when visiting healthcare facilities, whether acute or non-acute, the question of branding always comes up during discussion when developing a uniform program.  Common questions include:

Hand washing
08 Oct

Growing up as a child, I remember two important lessons constantly being reinforced at home:
• Cover your mouth when you cough
• Wash your hands before dinner

Quite honestly combining the child in me and being the rebellious type, I really thought these lessons were more of an inconvenience and not necessary for my well-being. I remember going to amusement parks, bowling alleys, playgrounds and baseball parks, coming home and being greeted by that motherly chant, “Go Wash Your Hands”.

Scrub Uniform Vending Machine
03 Oct

Scrub uniform vending machines are a little more complex than a traditional vending machine where you press A7 and get a bag of chips.


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