Caregiver Identification
24 Sep

I have been involved in a number of conversations about the connection of healthcare employee apparel and the function they serve in the continuum of care. Most of these conversations centered on the patient. The Patient’s Experience - being able to recognize the difference in medical staff and support service staff. And/or Patient Safety – the ability to recognize that the person at their bedside as a member of the hospital’s staff.

Department of Health & Human Services Logo
19 Sep

With Sept. 23 right around the corner, have you taken the important steps to implement the new privacy and security changes announced by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services?

This is the date physicians and other entities covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) must be in compliance with final Omnibus Rule regarding privacy and security changes announced this past January.

Here are a few of the changes practices must implement:

Best Scrub Style for your Body Type
17 Sep

Everyone knows that even if you’re wearing scrubs, picking the correct style for your body type will allow you to look your best.

Senior Sensors
12 Sep

While reading the paper this morning I came across an article describing new sensors that some seniors and their families are trying out. It could mean no more having to check up on mom or dad every morning. Motion sensors on the wall and a monitor under the mattress one day might automatically alert you to early signs of trouble well before an elderly loved one gets sick or suffers a fall.

10 Sep

Linen life, replacements and reject percentage. These three powerful phrases are so dear to the heart of the laundry owner/operators these days.  As laundries fight to win, maintain and keep business, these key factors can and will continue to play an important role in the success and failure of any given laundry.

Purchasing Power
05 Sep

Walking through Ace Hardware, I thought how do they survive? Each store is different, unlike Home Depot or Lowes, I found that they are a cooperative rather than a franchise. They can compete with Home Depot and Lowes in pricing because as a group they have a purchasing power, much like Lowes or Home Depot.


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