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30 Jul

My neighbor Mary walked past my house on her way to and from work, five days a week.  She worked in the laundry at the neighborhood hospital.  One day she said a doctor had pulled her aside and told her to find another job.  He went on to tell her that a big layoff was coming to the hospital, and he knew of an

Donna Karan image
25 Jul

Can you imagine a world famous clothing designer working with a hospital on an avant-guard medical scenario? That
is exactly what Donna Karan is pioneering with Beth Israel Medical Center. They are working together on redesigning cancer care to make it “patient- centered” by combining holistic medical therapies with allopathic treatments.

Long Term Care Facility
18 Jul

Our lives revolve around a never-ending plan to save. We save for a new car, college, wedding, house, babies, car(s) for children, our children’s wedding (s) and retirement.  While some build their retirement fund to support their weekly golf games and condo in Florida, most don’t think about saving enough money in case they must enter a long-term care facility.

Healthcare applications clip art
16 Jul

If you are one of the more than 100 Million people that own a smartphone or tablet in the United States then you are probably aware of the vast number of mobile applications or apps available.  (If you don’t know what an app is ask your locale kid.)  There is an app for almost every conceivable need. If you want to know the weather outside, there’s an app.

High Risk ICU Gown by Fashion Seal Healthcare
11 Jul

I noticed a trend in calls received by our Customer Care Team requesting high visibility patient gowns, and we would ask, “You would like patient gowns in colors like road construction workers wear?”   

The answer was, “Yes - our hospitals want to be able to see patients that wander.”


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Outpatient facilities are often a part of a large hospital or IDN. In a way, an outpatient facility is an extension of a unified health system and therefore a representation of the health system's brand and image.


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