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27 Apr

Environmental Services Role in Preventing Infection

Environmental Services Role in Preventing Infection

When you think of how many departments there are in a single hospital it’s easy to see how having a successful Infectious control program can be a difficult one to maintain. Each department has to work as a single unit to make sure the success is something that is ongoing and part of their day to day obligations.

Two of the biggest factors in the success of such a program are Communication and Collaboration. It starts from the top and goes all the way down.

The communication between Management and their employees is vital. It is something that needs to be discussed every single day.  This is part of training all employees in the proper care, handling and cleaning of all equipment and the rooms that the equipment is in. The collaboration portion is just as important and a solid plan and routine must be maintained at all times.

In a clinical study performed by Mark E Rupp MD of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that some of the most important factors were both communication and collaboration. In a four year study Rupp and his colleagues found that a face to face meeting with the management team was critical in maintaining a successful program. This communication coupled with the collaboration of programs such as a housekeeper education program, creating a training DVD and a monthly meeting where management would not only give instruction but take in feedback from the employees as well. These two simple things, Communication and Collaboration increased the prevention of infection to over 75% over the baseline percentage.

The same is true of any successful goal or program. Communication is the key to driving a successful Collaboration that is not only consistent but constantly practiced and led by each and every department in a hospital.  From a computer mouse to a bed rail, each and every “high touch” surfaces are keys to preventing the spread of germs and infection. Once all of these high touch surfaces are identified and cleaned on a daily basis, the collaboration is a success.

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