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18 Feb

TBT: Disinfecting options for healthcare laundry

TBT: Disinfecting options for healthcare laundry

The last time you were in a hospital or a clinic, whether it be for an overnight procedure, same day procedure or just simple blood work, did you notice the curtain in your room? Was it clean? Or better yet, when was the last time it was cleaned and disinfected? How many different sets of hands have tugged and pulled on that curtain?  Have you ever thought about those little germs being transferred from curtain to curtain?

This is becoming a HUGE new market point of entry for laundries these days. As I tour laundries across the country, I am noticing more and more of them are setting up separate routes that do nothing except visit healthcare facilities and either change out the dirty germ infested cubicle curtains for clean ones or clean and disinfect them on site. With the use of a small panel van and a team of one or two people, this is becoming a growing opportunity and welcomed value-added service offered by laundries to healthcare facilities. It is taking the cleaning and providing clean linen and uniforms to a new level.  

Another service offered by laundries is to provide a service to clean and disinfect an entire room in 30 minutes or less. With the help of The TORCH Ultraviolet Light Disinfecting System, a team can go into a facility and literally clean and disinfect a single room by setting up this simple machine in the center of the empty room. How it works is pretty easy, you set up the machine, turn it on and leave the room. Once you leave the room, ultraviolet rays scan the room and instantly kill all germs and nasty microbes in the room.  Should someone enter the room before the cycle is finished, the machine will automatically shut down and will have to be restarted.  This piece of equipment is user friendly and requires minimal training as it is also easy to operate.  Because there are no chemicals involved, the equipment is easy to transport and move from room to room. The best thing is that the cleaning cycle is controlled by a computer.  

As you can see, as hospitals and healthcare facilities are more concerned with cross contamination and spread of germs and viruses these days, more proactive steps are being taken to battle germ warfare and disinfect rooms to protect their patients and customers.   

So when during your next visit to the hospital or clinic, you can thank your local laundry for disinfecting the curtains and cleaning the room.



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