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21 Jan

TBT: Healthcare consumers - Does the patient experience trump costs?

TBT: Healthcare consumers - Does the patient experience trump costs?

I was recently reading through, and I came across two articles highlighting a report developed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) on the patient experience in healthcare. According to PwC – the healthcare consumer’s “personal experience is the number one reason for choosing a doctor or hospital”. It may be intuitive that someone would not make a price decision when their health is at stake, but PwC‘s study indicates that “healthcare is the ONLY industry where patient experience trumps price”.

Think about this – we as consumers are being asked to share more and more of the cost of our healthcare through higher premiums, co-payments and deductibles. As we wear our consumer hats into the healthcare market, our expectations for better service as well as our demands for quality care are increasing. We are smarter healthcare consumers than we were in the past. We are asking more questions and becoming more engaged in our personal health. Healthcare providers are noticing and are recognizing that “maintaining patient loyalty and engagement will require a more personalized approach”.

Understanding this continuous shift in focus on consumerism and how your product offering can advance the healthcare providers mission of improving the patient experience will give you a competitive advantage.

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