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Fashion Seal Healthcare®, a brand of Superior Uniform Group® is committed to providing the most high quality, cutting-edge healthcare textiles in the market. We do so by staying abreast to the ever-changing trends and standards within the healthcare industry. This allows us to design healthcare textiles that will enhance the patient experience and the image of your employees. An Apple A Day was created to keep you well-informed of the various facets of the evolving healthcare industry - enjoy!

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Think back to your most recent visit to a hospital or doctor’s office. Did the nurse who took your pulse and blood pressure wash her hands before touching you?  How often are his or her scrubs laundered and sanitized?

I received a call from one of our salesmen the other day.  He asked, “Do we make any ugly scrubs for any of our customers?”

“Say again.”

I’ve been working in the customer service department for over 14 years, and it seems like there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t learn something new.