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Patient Safety Awareness Week March 2-8, 2014
30 Jan

Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 2-8, 2014, but should remain a focus through-out the entire year. Most relate this week of recognition to slip-and-falls, but patient safety can also be directly affected by the uniforms worn by healthcare employees and their patients.

Cost, Quality, Outcomes - The future of healthcare supply chain
16 Jan

The title of this post was the theme of a conference for healthcare supply chain management I attended in 2013.

SimplySoft Series and FashionPoly by Fashion Seal Healthcare
17 Dec

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I thought I would get a jump start on my shopping this year.  Living in the northeast, where the temperatures have a tendency to dip below 30 degrees during the winter months, I decided this year I would opt out of the typical holiday gift of a tie or scarf and glove gift set.  Not exactly sure how I was going to accomplish this but I began my search for unique gifts that my children would appreciate and keep them warm at the same time. 

FashionPoly™ - 100 percent polyester scrubs
03 Dec

This past weekend I was going to play golf and realizing it was 92 plus degrees outside, I wanted to make sure I was wearing a shirt that I would be comfortable in. Just a few years ago, the shirt of choice would have been a 100 percent cotton shirt. Cotton being the fabric of choice as it was always comfortable and cool in hot unbearable temperatures. This time I reached for the only type of golf shirt I now have in my closet, a 100 percent polyester shirt.

Healthcare Systems Can Learn from the Newspaper Industry
22 Oct

It’s pretty hard NOT to read an article on the healthcare industry without seeing the words “dramatic changes” or “sweeping reform” or the equivalent.  But I stumbled across an article that said healthcare systems should study the newspaper industry – a fresh new perspective using a historic view.

Image from the Movie Field of Dreams
26 Sep

…is the same way your customers want to be treated.  Under pressure it’s natural to revert to an ‘it’s all about me mentality’ but as vendors and distributors it’s important to remember that the customer is why we exist.  Taking a consultative approach to selling means focusing on solutions, not numbers.  Who can forget the Field of Dreams?  If you build it they will come.  (Side note:  Field of Dreams was released in 1989, and for many of us the phrase is still relevant.)  If you

27 Aug

If you want to get into to see a prospect in the C-suite, what should your title be?  This was a topic of recent discussion in a B2B LinkedIn group I follow.  There was some agreement that the title of the distributor or sales professional should imply a consultative approach, rather than a supplier of a commodity product.  

Healthcare Social Media
13 Aug

Social media is making a big splash in the healthcare industry by making it easier for healthcare brands to communicate with current and potential patients.

The newest additional to the social media stream is Pinterest.  Pinterest allows you to educate, showcase and humanize your healthcare brand.  Many healthcare brands have not even tapped into the potential Pinterest offers to engage and inform your communities.  

Branded Uniforms
06 Aug

Have you met Don Draper?  He’s the lead character on Mad Men – a television show set in the 1960s, at a fictional advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City.  Don is a hard-drinking, chain-smoking executive with a shadowy past who has achieved success in advertising (thanks Wikipedia).  And boy does he know how to manage his personal brand.  From The Daily Muse, “When Don walks into a room, you know he means business—he dresses the part, arrives prepared, and is perfectly poised in his delivery.”  


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