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Scrubs and Lab Coats by Fashion Seal Healthcare
22 Oct

Working as a uniform provider in the healthcare industry I tend to take notice any time I see an individual dressed in scrub apparel outside of my work bubble. On a recent trip to the grocery store I noticed what I presumed to be a nurse, near me in the produce aisle. While pretending to be fascinated with the tomatoes that were on sale, I examined her uniform from a distance trying to determine the brand. As I watched her handle fruit and set it back on the shelf, it occurred to me that she had just come from work where she had been working with presumably ill patients all day.

20 Oct

Breaking news of the Ebola virus has commanded the headlines for quite a few weeks now, especially after the two confirmed cases of the U.S.. nurses contracting the infectious disease. The Ebola hype has even made its way to Fashion Seal Healthcare® as two of our own executives (pictured) were interviewed about their concerns on travel by the local television ABC news affiliate as they passed through Richmond International Airport.

Patient Gowns by Fashion Seal Healthcare
15 Oct

1. Form vs. Function  

What type of patient gown is needed?  The most common types of gowns are:

  • Patient gowns - usually worn by a patient in an environment where they are not being monitored by any type of equipment
  • IV gowns - typically constructed with snap closures on both shoulders to allow the nursing staff easy access to a patient’s wounds and/or monitoring equipment being utilized due to the medical procedures the patient may have encountered
Breast Cancer Awareness
13 Oct

October marks the worldwide celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which as most know, is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.  Having lost my Nana to breast cancer, I cannot help but get such crazy thoughts in my mind during the month of October, specifically – will I get breast cancer too?

Scrub apparel by Fashion Seal Healthcare®
06 Oct

We all know that color plays a very big part in our lives.  Every morning we decide what we are going to wear and despite thinking it is mostly about style, I think it’s more so the color that drives our decision. If you're looking to make a statement and be intense, wear red. If you want to gain someone’s trust, make it a blue outfit. If you want to appear creative, put on some purple.

Are you washing your hands wrong?
29 Sep

That may sound like a silly question, but only 1 in 6 people are doing all the steps correctly, according to researchers from the University of Arizona. With cold and flu season approaching, you may want to evaluate your hand washing routine to avoid the spreading or receiving of germs.

23 Sep

We have all seen outpatient service facilities popping up on every corner. While this may mean a faster, easier way to see a physician, the death of a popular comedian raises questions on the true effectiveness of some of these locations at providing the top of the line care.

SimplySoft® by Fashion Seal Healthcare®
15 Sep

Working within the textile industry for more than 30 years, I understand the various aspects that must be taken into consideration when designing a new line. The key is to think like both the laundries/on-premise laundries (OPL) that process the uniforms and the end-users that actually wear the uniforms.

Doctor and Patient Experience
11 Sep

A few years ago, I heard a financial guru say studying stocks waste of time! People would have just as much success taking the stock listings from the financial page each day and throwing darts at it to pick their stocks. In talking with friends, family and co-workers, this also seems to be a common practice when picking a doctor.

Apparel by Fashion Seal Healthcare®
08 Sep

As the new school year begins and college students start pondering the unavoidable question “What do I want to be when I grow up?”, the healthcare industry may have some appealing options for those undecided individuals. Due to the healthcare reform, an aging population and the ever-changing technology advancements, there are many positions that are in great demand.


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