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Branded Uniform Program by Fashion Seal Healthcare
10 Oct

Today when visiting healthcare facilities, whether acute or non-acute, the question of branding always comes up during discussion when developing a uniform program.  Common questions include:

Hand washing
08 Oct

Growing up as a child, I remember two important lessons constantly being reinforced at home:
• Cover your mouth when you cough
• Wash your hands before dinner

Quite honestly combining the child in me and being the rebellious type, I really thought these lessons were more of an inconvenience and not necessary for my well-being. I remember going to amusement parks, bowling alleys, playgrounds and baseball parks, coming home and being greeted by that motherly chant, “Go Wash Your Hands”.

The Immortal Lobster Gene
01 Oct

Do you eat lobster or even like seafood? Well, this may change your mind if you’re not a fan.  Scientists say they may have found the key to eternal life in an unexpected creature – lobsters. Lobsters contain an enzyme called telomerase, which makes them “biologically immortal.” This discovery offers the possibility that normal human aging could be slowed by replacing the enzyme in cells where it has stopped working. 

Department of Health & Human Services Logo
19 Sep

With Sept. 23 right around the corner, have you taken the important steps to implement the new privacy and security changes announced by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services?

This is the date physicians and other entities covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) must be in compliance with final Omnibus Rule regarding privacy and security changes announced this past January.

Here are a few of the changes practices must implement:

Best Scrub Style for your Body Type
17 Sep

Everyone knows that even if you’re wearing scrubs, picking the correct style for your body type will allow you to look your best.

Senior Sensors
12 Sep

While reading the paper this morning I came across an article describing new sensors that some seniors and their families are trying out. It could mean no more having to check up on mom or dad every morning. Motion sensors on the wall and a monitor under the mattress one day might automatically alert you to early signs of trouble well before an elderly loved one gets sick or suffers a fall.

White Coat Ceremony
03 Sep

While being accepted into medical school is probably the most important day for an aspiring doctor, a white coat ceremony is as equally significant. A white coat ceremony is a symbolic experience in which students entering medical school are welcomed into the medical community by their school’s dean and faculty. The students are ceremonially "cloaked" with their white coat, also known as a lab coat which is hip-length to represent their student status.

IBM Watson Logo
22 Aug

Remember Watson?  He is the IBM supercomputer which debuted on Jeopardy in 2011 and put us meager humans in our place intellectually (or so he thinks).  Watson was the result of IBM’s $6 Billion commitment to research that began in 2006.  The project was called “Deep QA” and was a collaborative effort between IBM and leading universities.  

Dress Code Consultation Stars
08 Aug

“Long before I am near enough to talk to you on the street, in a meeting or at a party, you announce your sex, age and class to me through what you are wearing- and very possibly give me important information (or misinformation) as to your occupation, origin, personality, opinions, tastes and current mood.” Allison Lurie, Author of The Language of Clothes.

Healthcare applications clip art
16 Jul

If you are one of the more than 100 Million people that own a smartphone or tablet in the United States then you are probably aware of the vast number of mobile applications or apps available.  (If you don’t know what an app is ask your locale kid.)  There is an app for almost every conceivable need. If you want to know the weather outside, there’s an app.


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