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Then & Now: Medicare and Medicaid turn 50
05 Aug

As our nation continues to embrace the healthcare reform enacted with Obama Care, we are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of another monumental healthcare milestone. Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law on July 30, 1965. Medicaid is now the nation’s largest government health program fronting half the bill for the nation’s nursing homes and covering almost half of U.S. births. Through the years both programs have evolved to serve the demands of our country’s citizen’s healthcare requirements. 

Sedasys Machine - Computer-assisted personalized sedation
15 Jul

Nerves kick in as you’re getting ready for a routine medical procedure.  You’ve just been prepped and wheeled into the operating room.  Rather than hearing the comforting voice of a highly trained anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist - you’re being put to sleep by a machine.  What?!?!

4th of July Fireworks
01 Jul

4th of July marks the birth of the United States of America.  For many this weekend includes barbeques, fireworks, fun in the sun or on the water and music, all to celebrate the United States of America's birthday.

Here are some fun facts you may or may not know about the 4th of July:

Millennials & healthcare management
24 Jun

For millennials, this time in our lives seems like it’s moving at a hurtling pace. Most of us are right out of college, trying to land that dream job, looking into buying homes, and just all round trying to get our lives in order. These factors could lead other generations to think that healthcare management is the last thing on a millennials mind, but that concept is far from the truth. Millennials are taking care of themselves just as much as other generations, just in a few different ways.

IBM Watson
03 Jun

Who could forget the big win on Jeopardy! in 2011? IBM has announced it will partner with Apple and medical device companies, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, to develop a health platform for its Watson supercomputer.  

Johnson & Johnson’s partnership is intended to be used in healthcare for patients who have undergone hip and knee replacements. It will use Watson’s technology to tap into various data sources, digital wellness devices, patient records and fitness smartphone apps in order to monitor vital signs and patient movement.

Medicine bottles
20 May

I opened the May 13th edition of the Tampa Tribune and read an opinion article written by Krista Kellogg and Ron Grau; “Keep step therapy in Florida’s health care conversion”.  First thing that popped in my head was pedometer, which is actually incorrect.  Step therapy has nothing to do with the steps you take during a day but everything to do with how your prescriptions are managed by your insurance company.

13 May

No need for those Jane Fonda workout tapes! You can now stay fit the modern way by using your smart phone. These 10 FREE apps make staying healthy easy, accessible and are also compatible with both iPhone and Android users.

National Hospital Week 2015
06 May

National Hospital Week celebrates hospitals and the employees who support the health of their communities through dedication and compassionate care.

Celebrate National Nurses Week!
04 May

You don’t have to be a nurse to know that it is a hard career. Just observing nursing professionals in action, you know that they spend an average of 12 hours on their feet daily, deal with a range of personalities and emotions of patients and their families, and at times make life-and-death decisions for patients.

Are you sleepy too?
27 Apr

The sun begins to rise in all of its majestic wonder, birds are signing sweet songs outside your bedroom window, and it’s beginning to look like a beautiful new day. You, on the other hand, feel like you have just been hit by a truck. Your hair is a mess, and you can barely get yourself into the kitchen to pour yourself some cereal. You stagger through your house to prepare for your workday, and once you get to work you can’t even remember if you brushed your teeth.


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