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The fastest-growing jobs in healthcare
02 Mar

As the healthcare industry grows due to expanded insurance coverage and an aging population, a career in healthcare can promise job security as well as substantial financial compensation. While not all healthcare jobs pay the high salaries of surgeons, many positions make more than $50,000 annually with the opportunity to receive health benefits and the chance of advancement.

Healthcare Innovations
25 Feb

Recently I came across three stories related to the healthcare industry that amazed, disappointed and shocked me.

Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2015
18 Feb

This year consumers are hungry for easy to consume “info-snacks” - delivered to us fast, when and how we want it.  And this doesn’t mean infographics.    According to Smith & Jones Healthcare Marketing, the average person won’t even scroll through an infographic anymore.  Actually, replace “scrolling” with “swiping”.    And make sure the consumer doesn’t have to dig for the information because they won’t.            
So, what if you have a lot to share?  Here are some tips from healthcare marketers, Smith & Jones:

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2015
11 Feb

Patient Safety Awareness Week is right around the corner - March 8-14.  The theme for 2015 is "United in Safety".  The focus of this year's campaign is patient engagement and emphasizing the relationship between healthcare facility, the patient and their families.

Why is patient safety so important? Learn more about this hot topic by reviewing our top blog posts focused on patient safety:

Valentine's Day Bananas
04 Feb

For anyone working in a “get healthy, be healthy, or stay healthy” industry, it can be tough to set a good example when it comes to eating sweets in moderation around Valentine’s Day.

Here’s five fresh ideas on how to celebrate while still showing your waistline, your co-workers and your patients a little love!  

Health Trends for 2015
28 Jan

Just like myself, I am sure many of you added some kind of health related goals to your New Year resolutions whether it is losing weight, reducing stress, making better food choices, etc.  While I was searching the internet to put together a plan for how I am going to achieve my goals, I came across some noteworthy health trends for 2015:

1.  Free Health Apps

Throwback Thursday by Fashion Seal Healthcare
22 Jan

Quizzes are hotter than ever so we thought we would bring back an oldie but goodie on this throwback Thursday!

With so many scrub styles and prints out there, figuring out what style of scrubs you should wear can be confusing.  Take this quiz to find out the best scrub style for your personality!


Today I Will Weight Management Campaign — St. Mary’s Health, Evansville, IN - Ten Adams
07 Jan

With the rise of patients as consumers who have a choice of where they “purchase” their healthcare, there is renewed interest in healthcare marketing.  Mark Shipley, strategy director and co-founder of Smith & Jones, said in a statement: "Patients today are often referred to as healthcare consumers because they are as informed and self-directed in their care decisions as any retail shopper. To become relevant to this new breed of consumers, organizations will need to translate their brand messaging for smaller audiences at different stages of the decision process."

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!
22 Dec

With the holiday season in full force, the An Apple A Day team decided to slow down and reflect on our favorite holiday traditions…….

New Year's Resolutions Check List
17 Dec

Each year around this time, I look back on the year and reflect on what I accomplished and what I want to accomplish in the New Year.  As I have gotten older, I thought time would slow down and I would be able to catch my breath to do the things I really want to do.  Well, that theory has come and gone...  What I have discovered is if I don't schedule the time to do the things I really want to do; weeks, months and years go by in a flash!


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