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Patient apparel by Fashion Seal Healthcare®
27 Mar

Last fall, I was asked to moderate a discussion forum during a meeting of healthcare linen professionals. They consisted of laundry owners, laundry managers, Environmental Services Directors, linen/apparel/equipment distributors, and other healthcare facility managers.

Laundry Loss Prevention Methods
25 Mar

Laundry operators are always exploring ways to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs as they handle mounds of textiles from numerous customers. Upgrading from manual sortation, most laundries utilize machine-readable systems to track and identify garments as they move through their facility. Two forms of machine-readable systems used by laundries are barcodes and RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips.

Lab coats by Fashion Seal Healthcare
11 Mar

When you see doctors in long or short lab coats, also known as white coats in the healthcare industry, you might think it is just an apparel preference; however, the significance of the white coat length goes beyond functionality or preference. The length of a white coat is typically a sign of someone’s position within a hospital’s hierarchy.

Scrub Catalog by Fashion Seal Healthcare
04 Mar

Welcome to Part 2 of the series “How to make a scrub catalog”. Since Part 1, we have progressed to definite decisions on styles, fabrics and colors. Now our Catalog Team will take the lead on moving the catalog forward into the visual stages. This talented team includes:

Scrub Catalog by Fashion Seal Healthcare
13 Feb

Welcome to the series “How to make a scrub catalog” Part 1. I started this series somewhat backwards with my behind the scenes access to our scrub catalog photo shoot, but never fear I will take you back to where it all started. I think you will be truly amazed at the process of creating a new catalog.

How effective are branded uniforms?
04 Feb

The New York Times previously reported that the healthcare industry spent more than $700 billion on advertising in 2011 and yet Chris Bevolo, author of The Marketer’s Guide to Brand Strategy, estimates that less than 20 percent of U.S. hospitals are guided by an active brand strategy.

Patient Safety Awareness Week March 2-8, 2014
30 Jan

Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 2-8, 2014, but should remain a focus through-out the entire year. Most relate this week of recognition to slip-and-falls, but patient safety can also be directly affected by the uniforms worn by healthcare employees and their patients.

Home Health Care Nurse with Patient in a Gown
23 Jan

Today's Home Health Care is not as we once knew it – it is changing at a feverous pace. Due to changes being instituted by new regulations, healthcare facilities are looking to release patients as soon as possible in an effort to turn their rooms quicker. In turn, patients are seeking temporary solutions for care after their hospital stay.

SimplySoft Series and FashionPoly by Fashion Seal Healthcare
17 Dec

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I thought I would get a jump start on my shopping this year.  Living in the northeast, where the temperatures have a tendency to dip below 30 degrees during the winter months, I decided this year I would opt out of the typical holiday gift of a tie or scarf and glove gift set.  Not exactly sure how I was going to accomplish this but I began my search for unique gifts that my children would appreciate and keep them warm at the same time. 


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