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Long Term Care

What are Long Term Healthcare Facilities Looking for in an apparel program
01 Jun

As I go door to door in search of new customers that I can assist in putting together a “Winning Apparel Program” I am finding that more and more Long Term Healthcare Facilities are mirroring the template of Non Acute Facilities to make an powerful impression to would be new additions to their facility.

14 Oct

People always say it is never too early to start planning for your future, but when is the right time to make sure your loved ones have been planning for their own?  Being a Millennial myself, I’d like to think that my mother will be in perfect health forever, but there will be a day that I will need to start the conversation about her long-term care wishes.  

How does your state rank overall in terms of long term care?
01 Jul

When the thought of retirement comes to mind, most contemplate if they’ll retire in their current state of residency or move to a more appealing locale. More than likely, that decision is based on where someone’s family is located or what the area has to offer in terms of weather or activities. Before you pack your bags for afternoon tee times in a popular retirement state like Florida, you might want to evaluate the state’s long term care performance.

Long term care – Are you planning for your future?
11 Feb

My mother is an accountant by training and a planner by nature.  Her organizational skills are second to none and border on compulsive (don’t tell her I said that).  But it wasn’t until she began to care for her aging mother’s needs that she realized she needed to up her game when it came to preparing for Long Term Care (LTC).  As she reflected on this time in her life - it was a challenging evolution of understanding on how to care for her mother and where to go for supporting resources and help.

Long Term Care Facility
24 Oct

It is well documented that the American population is getting older thanks to the famous “Baby Boomer” age group born in the middle of last century - seems like only yesterday for some of us (me included).  It is interesting to watch kids growing up today who don’t know a time without cell phones, computers or the internet – if you ponder on this too long then you know you’re a boomer for sure.  Here are some facts about our aging population that you may find interesting:

Assisted Living Facility
20 Jun

The number of assisted living facilities has increased by almost 50 percent in recent years. Estimates indicate that over one million older persons live in what is considered an assisted living facility.

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