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20 Jun

Assisted Living Facilities - Appearance Makes All the Difference

Assisted Living Facility

The number of assisted living facilities has increased by almost 50 percent in recent years. Estimates indicate that over one million older persons live in what is considered an assisted living facility.

My family and I have experienced this first hand in the last seven months when we moved our mother into an assisted living facility. Our initial thoughts about assisted living facilities were less than pleasant and always brought to mind the old nursing homes that were in existence.

We narrowed our selection down to two very well-known assisted living facilities and as we entered the first one in a very exclusive section of town we were stunned to see what we had feared -- a place that was very depressing. Not even a beautiful waterfront view helped the environment. The décor was drab and dull -- dark colors, old worn carpeting and dark furnishings were everywhere. The staff was not professionally dressed and we had a very hard time discerning who worked there and who was just visiting. Not even the medical assistants were wearing any kind of uniform apparel and looked very shoddy. We barely listened to the person giving us the tour, who by the way was inappropriately dressed in jeans and a polo.

By contrast the second place was amazing! The décor was bright and cheerful, soft colors of yellows, blues and muted earth tones made it a warm inviting place. It was very much like an upscale resort. The personnel were professionally dressed in coordinating apparel and easily identifiable. Each staff member was in a color that represented their specific job function. Needless to say this was the place we decided on. As I think back on it I truly believe that the décor and the way the staff is dressed makes a huge difference. Both facilities offered the same services as far as care and amenities, but the place we chose was made immeasurably better because of the appearance of the staff and the beautiful decor.

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Sandy Pegler is a Senior Client Services Manager for Superior Uniform Group. She has more than 30 years’ experience in account management, as well as apparel program design and merchandising.

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