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Scrub Catalog by Fashion Seal Healthcare®

The styles were selected, photos were taken, and the layout and editing are complete! Before we go to print we must now design and finalize one of the most important parts of the Scrub Catalog – the cover. After all, the cover is what entices customers to open the catalog in the first place. While the idea of creating a cover sounds a lot easier than creating a whole catalog, the process itself take sometimes take just as long!

First things first, our Art Director sends three to five cover designs to upper management and as you can imagine, everyone has an opinion and they are usually different. You get a variety of comments, like “there’s too much of one color” “the model is too cute” “it doesn’t tell the true story of what’s an inside”… you get the drift, huh? From there, our Art Director tweaks the cover samples based on feedback and before you know it there are about 25 different versions of the cover (just a few are pictured below). Slowly, but surely we finally narrow down our catalog cover after many conversations and a little compromising.

Alternative Scrub Catalog Covers

Once the cover is finalized, the whole catalog is sent off to the printer with two of our expert catalog team members in tow for a press check. A press check allows our catalog team members to do a last-chance proofing of the catalog page-by-page to ensure color accuracy -- this is a very tedious and technical process. Our catalog team takes fabric swatches with them to make sure that we come as close as humanly possible to matching our actual garments. Remember, the customer only has these pictures to look at and the colors have to be dead on. The press check itself is a lengthy process that could take 24 hours or two days -- no one really knows until the process starts. The Scrub Catalog took about 12 hours to finalize at the printer.

While creating a catalog can be a tiresome and stressful process, the chaos is all worth it when you hold that first copy of a catalog in your hand and see what everyone’s hard work created. Before you know it, you’re on to the next catalog!

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Sandy Pegler is a Senior Client Services Manager for Superior Uniform Group. She has more than 30 years’ experience in account management, as well as apparel program design and merchandising.


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