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Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare®

Welcome to Part 2 of the series "How to repurpose scrubs”. In Part one, we showed you how to turn a scrub top into a pint-sized kids skirt. Today we are going to spice things up in the kitchen with a fun bib apron design. Because the fabric used for scrubs wears and washes well, an apron is a great way to give a scrub top a second life! This happens to be a more feminine print, but the style of the garment would work well for anyone.      

Here’s how a clever co-worker of mine created this cute bib apron: 

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

Cut open the scrub shirt at the side seams (A). Cut out the sleeves (B). Cut across the shoulders. On the front, leave the front placket, pockets and bottom hem as is (C).

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

Cut the neck strap and waist ties from the back (3” wide strips). Fold right sides together, stitch, turn right side out and press. Turn each unfinished end inside and stick across the top of the fabric to finish the ends of the straps.  

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

Attach the neck strap to the front placket, gathering the shoulders. Set and attach the waist ties.  

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

Feeling inspired?  Here’s a collection of 180 free apron patterns!  

Thanks to Kathy Schmitt, Costing, Engineering & Data Control Manager and creator/model! Stay tuned for “How to repurpose scrubs” Part 3!

Did you miss part 1?  Check it out now - How does a “Refashionista” celebrate Earth Day with scrubs?.

What repurposing ideas do you have in mind for a scrub top or any other healthcare garments?



Viv Smith was the Director of Marketing at Fashion Seal Healthcare®. Viv has more than 10 years of experience in digital and interactive marketing.


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