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14 Jan

Learn how enhanced lighting can improve the patient experience

Enhanced Lighting in Healthcare Facilities

Who doesn’t enjoy soft lighting? It can set the right mood, make you look 10 years younger, add romance to a dinner and quickly change the appearance of an environment.

The power of lighting is extraordinary! Studies are being done in the healthcare field which prove lighting can be an integral part in helping a patient heal more rapidly and have a better hospital experience.

Patients in an average hospital room are exposed to such small amounts of light during the day that their bodies can’t adapt to a normal sleep-wake cycle. Researchers found that low amounts of daytime light led to patients who were in a worse mood, experienced more pain and felt more fatigued.  Think about a dreary, rainy day - how does that effect your mood?

Studies are being done that show exposure to light during the day is important not only for helping to set the body’s internal clock but to improving mood and accelerating the healing process. Adding enhanced lighting could be a very simple way to boost a patient’s well-being.

Hospitals are looking at these studies and changing the lighting in not only the patient rooms but also in the examining rooms, common areas and waiting rooms. If you have recently been to a new hospital you will notice the lighting is different in every area. The reception area is brightly lit and the waiting rooms are using more diffused lighting which can help calm anxiety.

In the future healthcare facilities are going to incorporate more design features, such as enhanced lighting, which will hopefully make our hospital stays more pleasant and shorten the duration.

Learn more about the design features being implemented into healthcare facilities by contacting Sandy at


Sandy Pegler is a Senior Client Services Manager for Superior Uniform Group. She has more than 30 years’ experience in account management, as well as apparel program design and merchandising.


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