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01 Aug

Laundries - When in doubt, just go up...

Co-op Laundry Facility

Definition of Space:

a: a limited extent in one, two, or three dimensions :, area, volume
b: an extent set apart or available <parking space> <floor space>

This weekend instead of playing golf, I decided to tackle my garage and finally clean it out so we could use it for what it was intended for - parking our cars.  I was immediately faced with two dilemmas:  

  • What to do with all of my excess belongings?
  • How can I get more storage capacity from my existing garage space and free up the area for storing our cars?

I realized as my family continues to grow, we accumulate additional belongings with no solution as to where to store them.  Similar to many laundries today, as you add business and your volume increases, the physical storage capacity begins to choke and bog everything down. Eventually a lack of space could have direct impact on your daily production flow.  

Realizing a garage addition would cost me lots of money and was basically out of the question, I suddenly had an epiphany and remembered what we did in our laundry when we were faced with a sudden need for more storage and space - the only direction to go was up.  

As your laundry continues to grow, you will need to make the most out of your existing production space and improve the production flow.  Two ways to do this would be:

  1. Adding an overhead rail system for garment storage and route make-up
  2. Adding a mezzanine (a low-ceilinged story between two main stories of a building)

By installing an overhead rail system, you will remove items from your existing valuable floor space.  This allows you to free up space to enhance your production flow and allow for immediate growth.  An overhead rail system is a perfect solution for storage of both soiled linens, garments and an excellent way to store and move clean garments prior to shipping them.  

Adding a mezzanine is a perfect way to maximize the height of your building. In some cases, you might be able to double or triple your storage capacity.  These systems allow you to gain precious space by going up as opposed to going out like adding on an addition - which could be very costly.  

The beauty of these two systems is that you can design them however you need to fit your specific facility and they can be dismantled, moved and re-installed where needed.  Once your laundry is enhanced with the addition of an overhead rail system and/or mezzanine your new found space is now available to handle your increased business while improving your production flow.  

Want to learn more? Contact Scott at

Definition source: Merriam-Webster

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