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Working within the textile industry for more than 30 years, I understand the various aspects that must be taken into consideration when designing a new line. The key is to think like both the laundries/on-premise laundries (OPL) that process the uniforms and the end-users that actually wear the uniforms.

While that can sometimes be easier said than done, there are certain aspects in the development/design process that you can touch on which appease both mindsets. These include:

•    Fashion Trends – For today’s healthcare employee, it’s pertinent that uniforms not only be functional, but fashionable. For example, scrub uniforms have evolved into fresh, fashion-forward designs which include features such as split necklines, cargo pockets, flared pant legs and vibrant color selections.
•    Care & laundering – One should always be well-informed of new laundry equipment technology as well as new chemical technology, as both can have a direct impact on the life, durability and sustainability of any specific uniform.
•    Uniting style + utility - Whether it be the style of the uniform, construction details or fabric technology, it is very important that an appropriate uniform be chosen for the specific work application and processing techniques.  
•    Product innovation –Just as fashion continues to evolve, so does fabrics and the technology behind them. The most innovative products out there right now are those that utilize advanced fabrics and stylish designs that satisfy both the needs of end-users and laundries.

Read the full interview, Beyond the Seams, with Scott from the June 2014 issue of Textile Services Magazine.

Have a question for Scott that wasn’t in the Beyond the Seams Q & A? Ask him in the comments section below!




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