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04 May

Consumers Place High Value on Uniforms

Consumers Place High Value on Uniforms

When I visit my doctor each year, I am always impressed with her appearance. Not only does she wear stylish clothes, her lab coat always looks impeccable. It is reassuring that my doctor always looks clean and professional, despite seeing many patients each day and a busy surgery schedule.

Apparently, I am not alone!  According to recent research by the Textile Retailers Services Association (TRSA), over 74 percent of consumers prefer to see those performing professional services in a uniform. The survey states they feel uniforms make it easier to identify workers, projects an image of professionalism, trust, credibility, courtesy, competency, knowledge and attentiveness. 

Hospital and healthcare facilities decision makers want their employees to wear uniforms to project the proper business image, customer/product safety, security and believe that providing uniforms to their employees as a benefit.

When it comes to what patients wear, over half prefer wearing a cloth gown than a disposable gown.  Cleanliness is a top factor for those in lab coats and 83 percent of patients believe that a cleaner lab coat is the result of professional cleaner versus those who launder their own at home.

With the overwhelming preference for consumers to see healthcare professionals in uniforms, the demand for comfortable, fashionable, and durable uniforms will continue to grow. Employees also want to look and feel their best each day and want to start their day in a uniform that projects a positive image of them and their organization.



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