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23 Aug

Could you imagine a world where Doctors didn't wear lab coats?

Could you imagine a world where Doctors didn't wear lab coats?

Think back to your most recent visit to a hospital or doctor’s office. Did the nurse who took your pulse and blood pressure wash her hands before touching you?  How often are his or her scrubs laundered and sanitized?

How about your doctor?  Does he wear a tie? How often is it cleaned? What about doctors who wear lab coats?  How often are they changed?

The argument for wearing, or not wearing scrubs and lab coats, has been ongoing for years. In addition to the prevention of spreading disease, inadequately dressed doctors and nurses just don’t seem to be practical.  Plus, I happen to like a doctor wearing a white coat as it reassures me of their valid position within the hospital or doctor’s office. A nurse dressed in scrubs also helps me to correctly identify hospital staff.    

What would be another option to replace the lab coat? Should doctors wear street clothing? My dentist wears no coat or gown at all and all I can think about is all of the liquid debris that may get on his shirt. If he gets blood or saliva on his shirt, is he going to change it as readily as he would while wearing a lab coat, protective coat or apron gown? Does he go out after work in the shirt he was wearing when he was drilling on people’s teeth? 

Essentially, disease prevention serves to be a huge motivator for professionals in the medical field to gear up in scrubs, lab coats and other protective wear.

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Mickey Lovingood is a Business Development Coordinator on our Healthcare Business Development Team. She has more than 15 years’ experience in customer relations and sales.




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