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Happy Thanksgiving!

When writing our blog posts for An Apple A Day, we aspire to always offer up food for thought with anything and everything healthcare. With Thanksgiving just days away, we now simply just have literal food on the brain! Here is what the An Apple A Day Team is looking forward to gobbling down this Thanksgiving:

 “Believe it or not, this year I am just looking forward to the main course – the turkey! My husband and I (AKA just my husband) is in charge or cooking the main turkey in the oven and then also smoking a turkey breast. This will be our first time in charge of the ever-important Thanksgiving turkey so my husband has gone above and beyond, making sure he has just the right marinade for the oven turkey and all of the necessities for the perfect smoked turkey. I am sure they’ll both be delicious!" - Amy

 “Since my family and I live in North Carolina, we get our fill of southern favorites like stuffing, green bean casserole and sweet potato pie year-round. With that being so, we like to change-up our Thanksgiving menu with some selections that might be viewed as “non-traditional” for the holiday. So what am I looking forward to gobbling down this Thanksgiving? The main course of New York strip steaks and Maine lobster tails. Hope everyone enjoys their turkey while I definitely enjoy my surf n turf combo! Happy Thanksgiving!- Bruce

 “Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. The family time I treasure, but let me not down play the feast because that’s truly the way to this girl’s heart. Every year my mom prepares a meal that even Martha Stewart would envy. For two days, the house smells of turkey as she preps for the lavish spread. She never misses a beat; turkey, stuffing, mac and cheese, collard greens, ham, pies galore and so much more. Although the turkey is always my favorite part, my plate is piled high come dinner time. Let the countdown to turkey day commence!- Kristen

 “I can’t believe I’m sharing my weird Thanksgiving tradition with the public.  Even though my father has been dead for over thirty years, and my mother lives thousands a miles away from Florida, I still carry on one family tradition with the Thanksgiving meal.  I have to have Van Camp’s Pork & Beans.  I don’t eat at any other time of the year, but since they were on the family dining table when I was young, it isn’t Thanksgiving without them.” - Mickey

This Thanksgiving I am looking forward to gobbling down some fried turkey! Both mine and my fiancé’s families will be coming to our house where I will be doing my annual turkey fry! Of course my Fiancé will be cooking a turkey in the oven as well, so we will be having the very best of both worlds. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!”  - Michael

 “We have our traditional dinner, a little bit of everyone’s favorite dish and maybe a new recipe someone just has to try.  I blame Pinterest for this need to create; we have the potential for a #PinterestFail. The actual creating comes in making a special holiday drink. One year we made cranberry-orange vodka for drinks, one year a special butterscotch mix;  this year maybe a sparkling ginger cider or a mulled apple cocktail. It is all about getting everyone together and enjoying each other. “  - Seanna
 “Gobble, Gobble who is that, Mr. Turkey BIG and FAT.  Yup it is that time of the year again.  Let the feeding frenzy begin.  This Thanksgiving we will be feeding 22; a combination of family members and close friends.  Here is the menu I will be enjoying for the annual Delin feast:
•    Appetizers;  Grilled Bar-B-Que Salami slices, Baked Hot Dogs wrapped in pastry,  Hot Mushroom Barley Soup Shooters.
•    Main Course:  Turkey, Baked Ham, Sweet Potato Soufflé, Green Beans Almandine, Corn Bread Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce and of course homemade rolls
•    Desserts:  Dolores’s Coffee Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Brownies and of course Mom’s Famous Chocolate Mousse Cake
•    Beverages: White Wine, Red Wine, Select Beer, Fireball Whiskey Shooters”

- Scott

We offer our best wishes to you for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


Fashion Seal Healthcare® and the An Apple A Day Blog Team

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