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08 Mar

How Healthcare Has Changed in the 21st Century

How Healthcare Has Changed in the 21st Century

                In the last couple of weeks, I’ve encountered healthcare stories that have either caused me to think, “Wow that was a great idea!” Or caused me to think, “are you kidding me?!” 

               Do you wear a pedometer?  Do you have a gadget on your wrist that measures your heart rate?  Do you use apps that keep track of you daily exercise and calorie intake?  According to the article from the Tampa Bay Times, "Doctors say fitness trackers, health apps can boost care", this behavior could be saving your life.

                Doctors in the article say if they had permission to access your fitness apps, they could better monitor your life style, which makes sense considering many of these apps ask you to input what you eat each day.  Doctors would quickly scan to see what percentage of fat, protein and carbs that you are eating each day.  Your heart rate and exercise habits would be at their fingertips, too.  If you have heart disease, this could help them steer you towards better health habits overall.                

                Despite all of these positive benefits stemming from such a personal connection with technology, one major downfall may be data overload.  Do doctors really have time to look at all this data? 

                It seems like some doctors across the globe already have their schedules overfilled.  I was watching the news the other day, when a story came across about Canadian doctors using robots that have a monitor that projects the image of the doctor.  The doctor sits in a room and converses with the patient and nurse, via a web cam and monitor, to save time and create efficiency. With such innovative technological inventions, where does the line get drawn on what is too invasive and what is too evasive?

                To me, I wouldn’t mind giving my doctor access to my health app, but talking to a monitor is too much.  I would walk out of the exam room.  


Mickey Lovingood is a Business Development Coordinator on our Healthcare Business Development Team. She has more than 15 years’ experience in customer relations and sales.




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