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Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare®

Welcome to Part 3 of the eco-friendly series "How to repurpose scrubs”. Today we will show you how to make a handy tote bag crafted from a Fashion Seal Healthcare® Unisex V-neck scrub top. Scrubs are typically a great item to refashion because the fabrics we use in our healthcare uniforms combine durability with comfort… two things you want in a finished sewing project!   

A crafty co-worker of mine turned this scrub into a tote bag and even sketched out her plan. Here’s how she did it in ten easy steps:  

To start, lay the scrub top flat on table, right side out.
Step 1 - Cut in a straight line from bottom of sleeve to bottom of sleeve. Cut through both layers of fabric.
Step 2 - Cut off both sleeves.
Step 3 - Cut two strips 5” wide x width of back of scrub. These will be the handles. (Discard sleeves and scraps – unless you want to use them for small pockets!)  Sew each piece into a casing then turn right side out add trim as desired.
Step 4 - Cut a 3” x 3” corner out of each side at each bottom corner. Cut through both layers of fabric.How to repurpose scrubs - Part 3  Add trim as desired to cover the stitching for the pockets.
Step 5 - Sew each of the corner cuts together to form the four corners of the sides of the bottom.
Step 6 - Sew the bottom edge together.
Step 7 - Sew along each side.
Step 8 - Turn the bag wrong side out and sew all perimeter edges. By sewing the seams twice this will create a ravel proof seam.
Step 9 - Fold the top of the bag under towards the inside using a double fold equal to a 1”.  Attach each handle an equal distance from the edge seam on both sides while hemming the top. Add trim in this step if desired.
Step 10 - Sew another round of stitching on the top hem at the top edge catching the handles with the second round of stitching for reinforcement.

Now you have a sturdy, trendy tote that can be used for multiple activities from trips to the beach to a quick run to the grocery store!

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

Thanks to Cathy Cosart, Assistant Buyer and creator/model!

What repurposing project should we do next? Share your ideas or your own repurposing projects in the comments section below!  

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Viv Smith was the Director of Marketing at Fashion Seal Healthcare®. Viv has more than 10 years of experience in digital and interactive marketing.

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