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Improving the Patient Experience

Due to the ever increasing pressure for healthcare facilities to improve their HCAHPS scores, the patient experience is becoming more and more like a stay in a hotel. Ranging from the basic patient comfort to the softer interior designs, hospitals are finding more creative ways to enhance a patient’s visit.

The days of turkey sandwiches and chicken soup are over. Some hospitals offer extensive menus consisting of turkey burgers, pastas and even NY strips! Ordering off the menu itself has even become a patient friendly process. A patient can simply make a call from their bed down to the kitchen who will take their order. Since many patients are on restrictive diets due to medications or illnesses, when a patient attempts to place an order with the kitchen, the ‘server’ is able to access the patient’s dietary restrictions and give gentle ordering directions to the patient.

The warmer color pallets and softer lighting in not only the patient’s room but throughout the hospital have created a more inviting atmosphere as opposed to the drab and sterile environment of the past. Some hospital networks are even designing custom patient gowns to ease the discomfort and embarrassment most feel when walking around in an open back gowns.

As the hospitals seek more creative ways to improve their HCAHPS scores, there is no telling what the future could hold for patient care.


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