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09 Nov

Laundry Challenges – Inventory Control and Securing Textiles

Laundry Challenges – Inventory control and securing textiles

In today’s environment when it comes to inventory control and securing textiles, suppliers and laundries walk a fine line on a daily basis.  As market conditions continue to change and become more competitive, it is important to maintain strong partnerships and solid communication with our off shore manufacturing partners.  

Sourcing, delivery times and inventory control are impacted by power outages in plants, cotton shortages, rise in freight costs, and other unknown variables.  In order to deal with the many unknowns that can and will have a direct impact upon our ability to meet the demands of our customer’s needs, our implementation of “programs” has become an excellent way to efficiently and cost-effectively mitigate these challenges.

By working closely with our customers and developing a formal program, production can be forecasted in a smarter way that will support the “Just in Time” inventory control principle. This will ensure our customers’ expectations for service are met on a consistent basis.

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