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08 Jul

What sort of contingency plan should a laundry have in place?

What sort of contingency plan should a laundry have in place?

Last week while doing some belated spring cleaning, I had a bunch of stuff to take to the local recycling center. When I hopped into my son’s jeep that has been sitting idle on the street the last few months, the car would not start.  I immediately needed to resort to my contingency or back-up plan, a spare car battery we had in our garage. Upon replacing the battery, I loaded the jeep and off I went.

On my drive to the recycling center, I started to think about how lucky I was that I had a contingency plan to fall back to. If not, I would have had to make other arrangements that would have cost me time and money.

In today’s environment, as laundry operators we must have contingency plans in place in the event we are faced with a disaster, boiler breakdown or equipment failure so service to our customers is not interrupted or affected.

In some cases where some laundry operators have multiple plants, the plants could be strategically placed so in the event one plant might go down, production could be shifted to the other plant as a way of not missing a beat with production and delivery. Sure there will be some minor headaches in logistically moving product from one location to the next, but the laundry would still be processed and delivered on a timely basis to the end user like nothing happened.  

Contingency plans within laundries might also entail having a spare boiler on site that can be instantly fired up in the event main boiler should breakdown. Spare generators also play a role should there be an electrical interruption. Another contingency plan could be having extra or "emergency linen” set aside in a warehouse either on site or locally that is accessible to fulfill immediate needs until problem at hand is resolved.      

When it comes to logistics and delivery, some operators may have spare trucks or vans in their fleet that could be used in the event of a breakdown or even a relationship with a local vehicle rental service that can be counted upon should a truck also be required for emergency service.

If we look around, successful businesses have contingency plans that they can fall upon in the event of a disaster or immediate business interruption.  Having these plans readily available allows operators to have the peace of mind knowing that should anything catastrophic happen; a back-up plan is in place to ensure timely deliveries.  

Thank God I had that extra battery to use for my Jeep. It allowed me to complete my task at hand on time and get me out to the golf course where unfortunately I have no contingency plan whatsoever.    

What contingency plan(s) does your laundry have in place or what are they missing?


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