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01 Jun

What are Long Term Healthcare Facilities Looking for in an apparel program

What are Long Term Healthcare Facilities Looking for in an apparel program

As I go door to door in search of new customers that I can assist in putting together a “Winning Apparel Program” I am finding that more and more Long Term Healthcare Facilities are mirroring the template of Non Acute Facilities to make an powerful impression to would be new additions to their facility.

No longer are the Nursing Homes of the world going with the mix and match scrub program or everyone fend for themselves scrub program from their local uniform retail store. Why? The answer is simple. As the competition grows and grows with new Acute Care facilities across the board, the expectations have risen as well. When people are searching for a place for their loved ones to not only feel comfortable but feel that these loved ones are in the hands of real professionals who will care for the people that they love.

What better way to give that professional impression than that of a finely tuned apparel program that not only includes the uniforms of the nurses but of those in dietary, rehab, activities and housekeeping. When we approach these facilities we need to let them know that we can put together programs that not only fit the message that they want to portray to the folks that walk through their doors but we can run the entire program for them. The same way that we can and do provide this service for Hospitals and Urgent Care facilities.

Its simple really. Let us do the work for you in putting together an apparel program that will allow you to shine in the eyes of the potential new residents that walk into their facility to see why they should choose “this facility” over the one down the road.


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