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16 Dec

Why are millennials avoiding their doctors?

Why are millennials avoiding their doctors?

“The doctor would like to see you in a year, would you like to schedule your next appointment now?”  This is the line you probably are used to hearing as you try to exit your doctor’s office.  At this moment a million things run through my mind - where will I be in a year?  Will I still be living locally?  Will I have the same insurance policy?  How can they expect me to know when I am going to available be next year when I have a hard enough time committing to weekend plans?  

It seems I am not alone. Millennials, the generation between the ages of 18 and 34, do not visit doctors the way other age groups typically do.  In a recent survey conducted by ZocDoc, an online appointment website, half of millennials surveyed said they visited a doctor less than once a year. 93 percent say they did not schedule preventative visits to the doctor and 42 percent of millennials said they would most likely cancel a checkup because they were too busy.  

Time, money and uncertainty are three of the primary factors that push millennials to skip visits with regular doctors.

Millennials are also contributing to the popularity of retail clinics and urgent care centers.  According to a survey by the nonprofit FAIR Health, more than half of millennials use retail clinics, urgent care centers or emergency rooms for nonemergency care and they are more prone to do so than people in other age groups.
The millennial generation is also more likely to attempt to solve medical issues independently, turning to Google and WebMD before visiting actual doctors.  These habits could not only jeopardize young people’s health, but also potentially increase healthcare costs over the long run.

Do you have a primary doctor or do you prefer using a retail clinic or urgent care center?  Are you guilty of self-diagnosing?  Let us know by commenting below!

Blair Tetenbaum is a Marketing Specialist with Fashion Seal Healthcare.  She brings a strong, up-beat passion to the team with a unique perspective as a millennial.

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