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23 Mar

Leadership evolution: A nurse-led hospital

Leadership evolution: A nurse-led hospital

Everyone is used to the term physician-led hospital, but is the ever changing face of healthcare trending towards a nurse-led hospital? With over 3.5 million nurses in the United States, which makes the nursing profession the largest segment of the country's healthcare workforce, the progression of nurses moving into more leadership roles is only natural.

What is the benefit of a nurse-led hospital? Nurses are the front line of patient care. They are engaging much more often with the patient than the physicians. With Nurses getting more authority and able to take on these leadership roles, the result is a positive one.  You begin to see turnover diminish, you see a more engaged nurse and with that comes greater patient satisfaction.

You often hear that now is the time for nursing because nursing typically measures outcomes. Nurses have always been trained to do those things so as the importance of patient satisfaction increases, it actually highlights the impacts nurses have on the outcome of that patient score.

Nurses have always been trained to care for patients, but now a greater number of nurses are being trained in leadership. Getting nurses prepared to take on a greater role within a hospital, being able to make more decisions and watching their decisions improve the quality of care and the quality of their job. As healthcare evolves and changes, so must the people. The more the people evolve, the greater the chance for success.

Do you work at a nurse-led hospital? If so, what key differences do you see versus a hospital where nurses are less empowered?





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