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22 Apr

How does a “Refashionista” celebrate Earth Day with scrubs?

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

In honor of Earth Day, we are going to kick-off the series “How to repurpose scrubs” Part 1. Throughout the series we will show you how to repurpose scrubs into different wearable, fashion items.

No matter how great the quality of a garment, eventually it’s time for a refresh or refashion. Instead of throwing away an article of clothing, such as an old scrub top, consider how it can be turned into something else – both an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly move.  I happened to have a “goldilocks” scrub top – too small for me and too large for my daughter, Cecilia. But a quick snip and a couple of stitches made it just right for Cecilia.… as a skirt. I used a pattern based loosely on a pattern from One Yard Wonders (a great resource for what to do with small pieces of available fabric).  

Here’s a breakdown of how I repurposed a scrub top into a kid's skirt:  
Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

I started by cutting off the bottom of the scrub top. Because I was making a skirt, I left the bottom hem of the scrub top intact and reused it as the hem of the skirt.  

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

After finding the mid-point of the front panel of the garment, I used a chalk roller to mark intervals for the pleats, measuring out 1 ¾ and 2 ¼ from the midpoint on each side. 

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare

Then I pinned the pleats using the chalk marks as my guide and pressed them into place. I used a basting stich to sew them in place.  

After adding a simple waist band with a small elastic in the back, the skirt was done!    

Scrub repurposing by Fashion Seal Healthcare   
Prefer something for an adult set or need a solution for a stained garment? Here’s a favorite blogger of mine showing off her scrub top re-style. Her before photos are just as good as the after – such personality!  

I hope this scrub repurposing project inspires you to do something Green on this beautiful Earth Day!

Check out part two of this series -  How to repurpose scrubs Part 2!

Viv Smith was the Director of Marketing at Fashion Seal Healthcare®. Viv has more than 10 years of experience in digital and interactive marketing.


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