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26 Jul

Scrubs and Hospital Security

Scrubs and Hospital Security

I received a call from one of our salesmen the other day.  He asked, “Do we make any ugly scrubs for any of our customers?”

“Say again.”

“I have a customer that is looking for really bright scrubs, in something like construction orange.”

I get it, for vendors visiting the hospital. We used to ship buttercup colored scrubs to a Midwest hospital, for their visitors. Hospitals like to keep track of vendors wandering the halls. If they are in a bright color, they’re easy to distinguish from hospital staff. 

We have a customer that has us make “clown scrubs”. One half of the scrub is ceil blue and the other half is jade.  There are hospitals out there that use the clown scrub to deter theft.  Who would want to walk off with such an ugly scrub? Have you ever seen “the property of …” inked onto a scrub? That is a kaumograph. Some of the kaumographs are very large and obnoxious.  It isn’t just on the back or front of a scrub shirt that it can be found kaumographed. Some hospitals place it in areas, like the thigh or buttocks to discourage would-be thieves.

No pocket scrubs are requested in MRI centers to keep visitors and staff from carrying items into the imaging rooms. 

The above examples of customizing scrubs shows the various ways hospitals and clinics can enhance security, safety, or keep people from stealing scrubs. 

Feel like learning more about customizable scrubs? Visit our website:


Mickey Lovingood is a Business Development Coordinator on our Healthcare Business Development Team. She has more than 15 years’ experience in customer relations and sales.



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