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12 Jan

Healthcare uniform staples - Scrubs, lab coats and bodycams?

Healthcare uniform staples - Scrubs, lab coats and bodycams?

Due to the amount of instability in people these days, I understand the relevance and importance of the introduction of bodycams as part of the uniforms for our law enforcement agencies. This technology will give added protection to them as they work with a more insecure environment.   

It seems that more and more healthcare facilities today are looking at ways to protect their employees against similar unforeseen, unstable situations as well. In December 2014, I came across an article that asked the question “Should bodycams be used in hospital emergency departments?” Bodycams in my opinion are NOT the way to go. Many emergency rooms are outfitted with security cameras today.  Entrance ways and exits also have cameras strategically placed throughout in an effort to thwart that one tragic experience that could turn any facility into frenzy.  

With all the privacy laws (HIPPA) in place to protect the patient, I feel the implementation of bodycam on the immediate caregiver (nurse or medical technician) is going beyond that acceptable mark and definitely crosses the privacy line.  I have no issues with cameras and /or video equipment strategically placed on entrances  and exits of all floors positioned to catch anyone and everyone who enters any given floor of a healthcare facility, but feel that one’s privacy will definitely be compromised by the addition of this garb to the initial caregiver taking care of any and all patients.  

My wife is a nurse practitioner of neuro surgery and sees all sorts of patients during the course of a day; some more crazy than others. While hearing about one of her chaotic days at work, I mentioned the use of bodycam technology as a way to keep her safe. Her main concern, as shared by many in the healthcare field no doubt, was the privacy of the patient and the quality of care given.  

Everything has a place, whether part of uniform or not. Bodycams, in my opinion, are not for use on immediate caregivers of any type of healthcare facility. Cameras strategically placed throughout a facility will provide the adequate protection needed for the patient population.  So when entering a healthcare facility or really any public building, make sure your hair is combed and in place because chances are, you are being filmed.  Basically all I can say is smile… You’re on candid camera!

Would bodycams as part of a healthcare uniform be crossing the line? Let us know your thoughts below.


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