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Fashionpoly™ Scrubs by Fashion Seal Healthcare®

It’s not very often that you hear fashion mentioned in the same sentence as healthcare, but over the past few years’ cutting edge technology has entered the field of healthcare fabrics.  These new fabrics are referred to as smart fabrics and are estimated to be worth over $400 million, with a growth potential of approximately 20 percent per year.

Smart fabric is the blanket term given to any wearable material that incorporates electronics. There have already been some exciting examples of what this technology has to offer. From material that can alter how much it breathes based on internal and external temperatures to using negatively charged electromagnetic fields that improve the delivery of oxygen to the muscles through the bloodstream. Smart fabrics are fashionable yet incorporate cutting-edge science.

Fashion Seal Healthcare® has developed a line of smart fabrics for healthcare which include:

SimplySoft®, which is a part of our FSH Soft Series line, is manufactured in 65/35 poplin with a brushed finish. SimplySoft scrubs are retail-inspired, with a modern fit and industrial-laundry friendly, sure to please fashion-forward employees while withstanding the rigors of an industrial-laundry. This group of fabrics satisfies the request for comfort while not sacrificing the importance of durability.

Fashionpoly™ is manufactured in 100 percent polyester and has excellent color retention and durability - two important features healthcare professionals look for in fabric.  In addition to those features, Fashionpoly also incorporates:

  • An anti-microbial finish to provide odor control
  • Moisture wicking to provide greater comfort to you
  • Energy efficiency – these scrubs dry in half the time of traditional poly/cotton scrubs

Now more than ever healthcare professionals want their uniforms to perform the same as their street clothes and still look and feel fashionable.

As fabric technology is evolving, what features and benefits would you like to incorporate into your healthcare uniform?


Sandy Pegler is a Senior Client Services Manager for Superior Uniform Group. She has more than 30 years’ experience in account management, as well as apparel program design and merchandising.




Very nicely written. I would like to add something about the uniforms too. Since the world is getting more and more fashionable, the uniforms should also be trendy. They should have various designs and pockets to carry things they need during working hours.

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