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13 Apr

Does your current supplier have a proven Plan B?

Does your current supplier have a proven Plan B?

Recently I was preparing to travel to Florida for a VIBM (“very important” business meeting) when all of a sudden a huge snow storm hit Pennsylvania, resulting in the cancellation of all flights. Upon learning my original flight was cancelled due to the pending major Nor’easter, I normally would go into panic mode, but fortunately for me I had a Plan B – a relationship with a trusted travel agent. I immediately called my agent who moved up my original reservation up a day, to not only get me out of town a day earlier before the major brunt of the storm was due to hit, but more importantly get me to my meeting in Florida on time.

As I pondered upon how easily my Plan B fell into place (with the help of my agent), I wondered how many laundry operators today have a Plan B in the event of an emergency or disaster. When we work with our laundry partners we make sure that they know we ALWAYS have a Plan B in place in the event it might be needed. Are your current vendors ready and prepared with a Plan B to continually meet your needs without a hitch?  

As competitive as our industry is today, laundries should align themselves with supplier partners that have contingency plans in place to make sure goods are ready to ship and be delivered in a pinch should the need ever occur. Not only if the laundries have a disaster, but what if a major catastrophe should happen wherever the product is manufactured, like an earthquake, hurricane or major fire? Without these trusted relationships in place, just one hiccup can cause a major disruption in the flow of one’s business, resulting in major heartburn and stress.  

Being a leading supplier to the laundry arena, Fashion Seal Healthcare® knows the importance of having a Plan B in the mix should it ever be needed. Sure price, quality and delivery are important, but if a back-up plan is not there when and if needed, the rest is all moot.  We found this out several years ago when the cotton crisis hit our industry. Fortunately, we had a Plan B to help our customers not miss a beat. Not only did our entire customer base not experience any hiccups, but we discovered many new laundries who thought their vendors had a Plan B in place but did not! Without a Plan B, even the best laid plans and well-oiled operations can fall apart!       



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