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15 Jun

Telemed Services Expand Beyond the Common Cold

Telemed Services Expand Beyond the Common Cold

Many of us are fortunate enough to have access to telemed services where patients can get medical help over the phone.  These services are extremely convenient and help thousands of Americans. The patient simply calls a toll free number, explains their symptoms, and within a short time frame receives a callback from a U.S.-based doctor.  This is a quick and easy way to get medication for ear infections, sinus infections, skin conditions and other common ailments.

However, it is not just physical symptoms that patients can get help and education over the phone. Walgreens recently announced it is joining forces with Breakthrough Behavioral to provide phone and video access to over 1,000 licensed therapists.  This service is design to help the 1-in-5 Americans who are affected with behavior health conditions.  “Walgreens is dedicated to championing everyone’s right to be happy and healthy, and our commitment extends to supporting our customers and patients to both good physical and mental health,” said Alex Gourlay, Walgreens president. “We’re proud to help meet the need for mental health resources in our communities, to encourage those who have questions or concerns to seek answers, and to work closely with other providers and partners to help more people get the support and services they need.”  Walgreen’s goal is to increase awareness and plans to screen three million people by the end of 2017.

Walgreen’s will also align with Mental Health America (MHA), a nonprofit group, to connect people with community-based screenings for mental health issues. Working with MHA (, and with a new section of the Walgreens website dedicated to mental health, (, Walgreens can help connect people to free, scientifically based online screenings for a number of conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD and others. MHA can also facilitate follow-up treatment and care through providers and specialists in local communities, as well as through its affiliates across the U.S.

Proper screening of behavioral health conditions can help people cope and live happier and more productive lives. Raising awareness is the best way to educate and remove some of negative stigmas and wrong information associated with many behavioral health conditions.



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