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28 Sep

The “To –Do” list: a Manager’s Nightmare

The “To –Do” list: a Manager’s Nightmare

-Tools that can help make our life easier.

Today, as many companies utilize downsizing in an effort to become leaner and meaner, many of us in management or in the field are plagued by the dreaded “To-Do” list. This downsizing exercise has a direct correlation to the ever growing “to-do” list we are faced with on a daily basis, the list that always seems to get longer rather than shorter. Unfortunately, one of the reasons the infamous “to-do” list gets longer is because as executives and sales people, we have more piled on our plates than we can handle on any given day.  Throw in the usual pop-up issues and unexpected tasks that are part of the daily life of a salesman or market executive, and things can get pretty crazy. 

Are you the kind of person who during lunch, suddenly remembers those few tasks that were forgotten and never dealt with earlier that day or others that need to be completed by end of business that day?  In a panic not to forget to deal with them upon your return to the office, you grab a paper napkin or even tear off a piece of the paper placemat and frantically start to write reminders and hope and pray you don’t lose the scrap notes later in a pile of papers on your desk!    

Years ago, before the technology boom, many of us would print or write our tasks on a legal pad or a document entitled our “to-do” list or even multiple paper scraps throughout the day like the example I mentioned above and in some cases, the back of business cards.  Luckily for all of us, with the help of today’s technology, we can get more organized and reduce the stress level in our daily life as our “to-list” can become smaller and condensed all in one place.  

Thanks to smartphone and tablet (I-Pads) technology, there are several free apps we can download onto our devices that will make our “to-do” lists become more manageable.  One app I have found very useful is called “Wunderlist”.  With this app, I can not only list my tasks that need to be done, but it allows me to delegate or assign certain tasks to others who might be more qualified to handle.  Once these tasks are completed, I can check them off my electronic list.  I have found that since I began using this app, I am more focused on the tasks at hand and getting more accomplished. 

For those of us like me who spend their days on the move, you might consider a recorder app.  Many smartphones have this built-in; a fancier version (not free however) is Smart Recorder.  These are voice- recorder apps that allow you to make voice memos to yourself of items on your “to-do” list. 

If you want to make your life easier and your “to-lists” easier to handle, forget about writing reminders on the back of business cards, or on paper napkins or paper placemats during lunch hour.  Take advantage of today’s electronic technology and the apps that are offered and enjoy your lunch and get more accomplished during your day.   

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