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12 Apr

The up and coming innovation: RFID Technology

The up and coming innovation: RFID Technology

The Commercial Laundry Business is tough and gets tougher every day.  Our customers are smarter through the ways that they conduct and run their business, while demanding a wider selection of products and services.  Competition continues to be a driving price pressure and controlling production and labor costs is an increasing challenge. Innovation is the key to success. Many laundries are turning to innovative applications of Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) as a way to deal with these challenges. These RFID systems integrate process management, inventory management, procurement and route accounting while offering a wide range of advantages.

At the heart of RFID based laundry systems is the RFID tag/chip. This tag/chip is a unique identifier that is applied to each item (garment, sheet, towel, mop, etc.), similar to a license plate on a car. With the latest technology, this tag/chip can be read electronically from a significant distance. In fact, thanks to RFID technology, there are scanners and readers on the market that can read an entire, fully stocked laundry cart in just a few seconds, taking a task that once took several hours down to several minutes. RFID enabled items, coupled with strategically placed scanners and readers and modern inventory management/route accounting software can transform an entire laundry's operation. The advantages include:

·         Creating efficiencies in processing

·         Managing losses

·         Identifying item stockpiles at customer sites

·         Improving quality 

·         Build trust and loyalty with customers

Please join us next time, as we delve further into the world of RFID technology and the serious advantages this up and coming innovation has for laundries of any size or industry. 



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