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05 Nov

Popular trend in healthcare: Adult day care centers

Adult Day Care Centers

Years ago, I was talking to my neighbor and said there should be day care centers for adults - she thought I was nuts!  Fast forward a few years and according to the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) there are over 4,600 day care centers for adults.  These centers are great for adults who need supervised care in a safe environment outside of the home.  Adult day care centers often have nurses experienced in dealing with dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure and other aging issues and provide social activities to keep the participants engaged.
With over 4,600 adult day care centers, how do you choose one?  The NASDA has a site visit check list to help you navigate a center visit.  According to the site, you shouldn’t jusk ask about cost and hours of operation, you should also ask about:

  • How many years of operation?
  • Are they certified? 
  • Do they provide transportation?
  • What is the staff to participant ratio?
  • What kind of training does the staff receive?
  • Do the participants have access to physical or occupational therapy?

The above list is just a small sampling of the questions NASDA recommends you ask when visiting a center – see the full list.  Also, on the NASDA website is a site locator for adult day care centers - here in Pinellas County, FL there are twelve within twenty miles of our corporate headquarters.
Are adult day care centers cheaper than assisted living facilities?  According to, “costs can range from $25 a day to over $100 per day….”.  Even if you have to pay $100 dollars a month for twenty work days, you come in less than the average cost for assisted living at over $3000. 

People are living longer, and the world is coming up with more options to take care of our elders, and our elders expect more out of life - just look at the rock heroes of my youth.  They used to say, “don’t trust anyone over 30”. Now there in their 60’s and 70’s, and still acting like teenagers.

Have you toured an adult day care center?  How does it compare to an assisted living facility?


Mickey Lovingood is a Business Development Coordinator on our Healthcare Business Development Team. She has more than 15 years’ experience in customer relations and sales.

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