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04 Feb

5 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Bananas

For anyone working in a “get healthy, be healthy, or stay healthy” industry, it can be tough to set a good example when it comes to eating sweets in moderation around Valentine’s Day.

Here’s five fresh ideas on how to celebrate while still showing your waistline, your co-workers and your patients a little love!  

  1. Love Potion Smoothie – made from strawberries and beets.
  2. Mini Caprese Heart Skewers – cut the tomatoes in half diagonally to look like small hearts.
  3. Heart Healthy Chocolate Mousse - yum!
  4. Heart-shaped yam pancakes – dust with powdered sugar - no syrup or added butter needed.
  5. Bananas with a message - one sharpie, one banana and you are done.

Visit the Pinterest board from Produce for Kids for recipes, instructions and more ideas!



Viv Smith was the Director of Marketing at Fashion Seal Healthcare®. Viv has more than 10 years of experience in digital and interactive marketing.

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